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I&ty? Mu&t 

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The Class of 1916 

Saint Mary's School Library 

3 7C.3 

/9/ 6 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hil 

So, on through the years to follow, 
The times we are yet to see, 
On through the golden future, 
And the wondrous days to be, 
May there ever remain beside us, 
As a shield from peril to hide us, 
As a star to the truth to guide us, 
St. Mary's, our love for thee. 

When afar in the golden future 
In the days we have longed to see 
When out in the world we have wandered 
To work, and to strive, and to be, 
May the lives that we live be a token 
Of a loyal faith yet unbroken 
Of the tender love that's unspoken, 
St. Mary's, we bear to thee. 

May the deeds that we do proclaim us 

Thy daughters in truth to be. 

May we follow thy precepts and teachings 

Still happy and glad and free. 

May our stand for the right be securer, 

May our thoughts and our acts be surer, 

May our hearts and our lives be purer, 

St. Mary's, for love of thee. 

r?3 -*_ 5 $ 

tt* ■■■:. 

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M& S& 

"- - - ■ . . •■ ; 




if*.' \ 


^i^ J' 

Alma Mater 

(Tune: "Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms") 

St. Mary's! wherever thy daughters may be 

They love thy high praises to sing, 
And tell of thy beauties of campus and tree 

Around which sweet memories cling; 
They may wander afar, out of reach of thy name, 

Afar, out of sight of thy grove, 
But the thought of St. Mary's aye kindles a flame 

Of sweet recollections and love. 

Beloved St. Mary's! how great is our debt! 

Thou has cared for thy daughters full well; 
They can never thy happy instructions forget, 

Nor fail of thy virtues to tell. 
The love that they feel is a heritage pure; 

An experience wholesome and sweet. 
Through fast rolling years it will grow and endure; 

Be a lamp and a guide to their feet. 

May the future unite all the good of thy past 

With the best that new knowledge can bring. 
Ever onward and upward thy course! To the last 

Be thou steadfast in every good thing. 
Generations to come may thy fair daughters still 

Fondly think on thy halls and thy grove 
And carry thy teachings — o'er woodland and hill — 
Of earnestness, wisdom, and love. 

H. E. H., 1905. 



On May 12, 1842, the Rev. Dr. Aldert Smedes opened St. Mary's to its first 

On MarcK 10, 1897, the "Trustees of St. Mary's School, Raleigh, N. C," having 

received a charter from the State, the Board met, organized, and arranged 

to take over the School from Dr. Bennett Smedes. 
On September 1, 1907, the Rev. George W. Lay assumed the Rectorship of the 

In 1917 will therefore occur: 

(1) The 75th Anniversary of the Opening of the School. 

(2) The 20th Anniversary of the Church Ownership of the School. 

(3) The 10th Anniversary of the present Rectorship. 

Besides these, 1917 marks the 50th Anniversary of "Miss Katie's" connection with 
the School, which would in itself be enough to set aside the year as a special 

Thus the year 1917 will be indeed a memorable one at St. Mary's and for St. 
Mary's, and will be marked by events fitting the celebration of its many 

The Semi-Centennial of the School was celebrated very happily at the Commence- 
ment of 1902. 

The Hundredth Birthday of the Founder was celebrated appropriately on April 
20, 1910. 

It is expected that Alumnae Day, 1917, will be a time of even greater celebration. 


St. Mary's has been in large measure 
the life-work of Mrs. Mary (Johnson) 

As "St. Mary's girl" "before the War" 
she was inspired with the spirit of Dr. 
Smedes, and later as teacher and aid to 
the Drs. Smedes in a multitude of ways, 
she in her turn imparted the spirit to 
many of the girls of later years. 

When the Church purchased the School 
she became Agent of the Trustees and 
did invaluable work in raising the neces- 
sary funds and in building up the School. 

She has always been active in Alumnse 
affairs and on her retirement from the 
active Presidency of the Alumnae Associ- 
ation in 1911 was made Honorary Presi- 
dent for life. 

Mrs. Ikedell 
"Love, Sweetness, Goodness 
in her person shin'd." 

In February, 1917, "Miss Katie" will 
have completed fifty years of continuous 
work in residence at St. Mary's. In 
February, 1867, she became a boarder in 
the School and her work has continued 
uninterruptedly, first as student and then 
as teacher. 



Miss Kate McKimmon 
'To do good and to distribute of your love 
And of your strength to them that need, that 
Has been your life. " 



St. Mary's Alumnae Association 

Officers 1915-16 

Honorary President Mrs. Mart Iredell, Raleigh 

a ™ .. T7- D „..„,f Mrs. I. McK. Pittenger, Raleigh 
Honorary V,cc-Pres,denls | Mbs Bebsie g MEDES Lea ' K| We « t Durham 

President Mrs. Walter Grimes, Raleigh 

Vice-President Miss Lucile Morchison, Wilmington 

Secretary Miss Kate McKimmon, St. Mary's 

Treasurer Mrs. Ernest Cruikshank, Raleigh 

Alumnae Council 

Mrs. Chas. Baskeeville, New York City, until 1916 
Mrs. David Elias, Columbia, S. C, until 1916 
Miss Susan Franks Iden, Raleigh, until 1917 
Mrs. Elizabeth McC. Snow, Raleigh, until .1917 
Miss Emilie W. McVea, Cincinnati, O., until 1918 
Miss Minnie Leart, Elizabeth City, N. C, until 1918 
and the officers ex officio 
The Alumnae Association of St. Mary's was established in 1880 and meets an- 
nually at Commencement. It has done effective work in aiding the progress of 
the School and grows yearly stronger and more vigorous. 

The Alumna? Chapters meet in their several towns and cities on November 1st, 
All Saints, which is celebrated as Founders' Day, and on May 12th, the date of the 
first opening of St. Mary's, which is observed as Alunmee Day. 

The most important special work accomplished by the Alumna? Association has 
been the establishment of the Smedes Memorial Scholarship, to the memory of the 
Founder and his son, the second Rector of St. Mary's; and the rebuilding of the 
Chapel. Its present special work is the fund for establishing the Mary Iredell and 
the Kate McKimmon Scholarships. 



The Board of Trustees 

The Bishops 

Rt. Rev. Jos. Blount Cheshire, D.D., Chairman Raleigh, N. C. 

Rt. Rev. Wm. Alexander Guerry, D.D Charleston, S. C. 

Rt. Rev. Junius M. Horner, D.D Asheville, N. C. 

Rt. Rev. Thomas C. Darst, D.D Wilmington, N. C. 

Clerical and Lay Trustees 

North Carolina 

Rev. M. A. Barber, Raleigh 
Rev. Isaac W. Hughes, Henderson 
Col. Chas. E. Johnson, Raleigh 
Mr. W. A. Erwin, Durham 

(until 1921) 

Rev. J. E. Ingle, Henderson 
Dr. R. H. Lewis, Raleigh 
Mr. D. Y. Cooper, Henderson 
Mr. Graham Andrews, Raleigh 

(until 1918) 

East Carolina 

Rev. R. B. Drane, D.D., Edenton Rev. T. P. Noe, Wilmington 
Mr. Frank Wood, Edenton Mr. Geo. C. Rotall, Goldsboro 

(until 1921) (until 1918) 

South Carolina 

Rev. T. T. Walsh, Yorkville Rev. L. G. Wood, Charleston 

Mr. P. T. Hatne, Greenville Mr. T. W. Bacot, Charleston 

(until 1917) (until 1917) 


Rev. R. N. Willcox, Hendersonville Rev. H. Norwood Bowne, Tryon 

Hon. Wm. A. Hoke, Lincolnton Mr. F. A. Clinard, Yadkin Valley 

(until 1918) (until 1917) 


Executive Committee 

Rt. Rev. J. B. Cheshire, D.D., Chairman 
Col. Chas. E. Johnson Dr. R. H. Lewis 

Hon. W. A. Hoke Mr. George C. Rotall 

Mr. D. Y. Cooper 


Dr. K. P. Battle, Jr. 





History of St. Mary's 

St. Mary's School was founded in 1842 by the Rev. Aldert Smedes, 
D.D. The present location was first set apart as the site for an Epis- 
copal School in 1832 when the present "Grove" was purchased for the 
establishing of a school for boys. This was not successful and the prop- 
erty passed back into private hands. 

Dr. Aldert Smedes was conducting a successful girls' school in New 
York City when in 1842 Bishop Ives met him and laid before him the 
opportunity in his North Carolina diocese. Dr. Smedes determined on 
the effort; came to Raleigh with a corps of teachers; gave St. Mary's its 
name and threw open its doors on May 12, 1842. 

From the first the school was a success and for the remainder of 
his life Dr. Smedes allowed nothing to interrupt the work he had under- 
taken. During the War between the States St. Mary's was at the same 
time school and refuge for those driven from their homes. 

On April 25th, 1877, Dr. Smedes died, leaving St. Mary's to the 
care of his son, Rev. Dr. Bennett Smedes, who carried on his father's 
work as a sacred trust. 

All this time St. Mary's was a Church School in the truest sense, 
but it was a private enterprise, and permanence required that it have 
a corporate existence, so in 1897 Dr. Bennett Smedes proposed to the 
Diocese of North Carolina that the Church should take charge of the 
School. The offer was accepted and in the fall of 1897 a charter was 
granted by the General Assembly. 

Dr. Bennett Smedes, who had long wished for this disposition of 
St. Mary's, continued as Rector until his death on February 22nd, 
1899. To succeed him the Trustees called the Rev. Theodore DuBose 
Bratton, Rector of the Church of the Advent, Spartanburg, S. C, and 
a teacher of long training. In September, 1899, Dr. Bratton took 
charge and for four years administered the affairs of the School very 
successfully. In May, 1903, he was chosen Bishop of Mississippi. In 
September, 1903, the Rev. McNeely DuBose became Rector and the 
School continued its useful career under his devoted care for four 
years, until he resigned in May, 1907, to resume parish work. Since 
September, 1907, the School has prospered under the fifth Rector, the 
Rev. George W. Lay. 

Faculty and Officers of St. Mary's 

Rev. George W. Lay, D.C.L Rector 

Miss Eleanor W. Thomas Lady Principal 

Ernest Cruikshank Secretary and Business Manager 

Academic Department 

Rev. George W. Lay Bible, Ethics and Pedagogy 

(A.B., Yale, 1882; B.D., General Theological Seminary, 1885; D.C.L., University of the 
South, 1915. Master in St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H., 1888-1907. Rector of St. Mary's, 

Eleanor W. Thomas English and Literature 

(A.M., College for Women, S. C, 1900; B.S., Columbia University, N. Y., 1913. St. 
Mary's, 1900-'04; 1905-'12; 1913—) 

William E. Stone History and German 

(A.B., Harvard, 1882. Principal Edenton, N. C, Academy, 1901-'02; Master in Porter 
Academy, Charleston, 1902-'O3. St. Mary's, 1903—) 

Ernest Cruikshank Psychology and Current History 

(A.B., Washington College, Md., 1897; A.M., 1898; graduate student Johns Hopkins 
University, 1900. St. Mary's, 1903—) 

Marie Rudnicka French 

(Cours de l'Hotel de Ville, Paris. Instructor in St. Mary's College, Dallas, 1907-12. 
St. Mary's, 1912—) 

Helen Urqtjhart Latin 

(A.B., Mt. Holyoke, 1910. Instructor St. Mary's, 1910-'13; Winthrop College, 1913-'14. 
St. Mary's, 1914—) 

Frances Ranney Bottum Science 

(San Diego, Cal., Normal College, 1910— '11; graduate St. Mary's, 1912; summer student 
Teachers' College, Columbia University, 1913-'14. St. Mary's, 1912—) 

Jewett Snook : . Mathematics 

(A.B., Wellesley College, 1910. Teacher in the Berwick School (Va.), 1910-'12; St. 
Mary's Seminary (Md.), 1914-'15. St. Mary's, 1915—) 

Janet B. Glen English and Italian 

(Lake Erie College, Paincsville, O.; Cornell University; summer student University of 
Chicago, 1911; R. Scuola di Recitazioue, Florence, Italy, 1910; summer student, Junta 
Para Ampliacion de Estudios, Madrid, 1912-13. Teacher in Oberlin College, 1887-91; 
Rye Seminary, New York, 1899-1908; The Leete School, New York City, 1911-14; St. 
Mary's 1894-'97; 1916—) 

Florence C. Davis Elocution 

(B.O., Emerson College, Boston, 1906; Elmira College; Posse Gymnasium. St. 
Mary's, 1911—) 








Mabel H. Baeton Physical Training 

(Graduate Sargent Sohool, 1914. St. Mary's, 1914—) 

Lucy Elizabeth Robins Preparatory School 

(Graduate State Normal School, Farmville, Va., 1909; teacher in Wakefield, Va., 
Schools; Bristol, Va., Schools. St. Mary's, 1913—) 

Kate McKimmon Primary School 

Student and teacher at St. Mary's since 1861.) 

Music Department 

Martha A. Dowd, Director Piano, Theory, History of Music 

(Graduate of St. Mary's, 1884; pupil of Kursteiner, Sophus Wiig, Albert Mack. St. 
Mary's, 18S6— ; Director of Music, 1908—) 

R. Blinn Owen Organ, In charge of Voice 

(M.Mus., Detroit School of Music; pupil of Zimmermann, Mazurette, Theo. Beach of 
Detroit; Kreutschmar, in New York, Ellison Van Hoose. Teacher in Detroit and New 
York; private teacher in Bluefield, W. Va., and Greensboro, N. C, 1906-'09. St. Mary's, 

Nelly Agatha Phillips Piano 

(Graduate New England Conservatory of Music, 1912; pupil of Carl Baerman. St. 
Mary's, 1912—) 

Beatrice Muriel Abbott Violin 

(Pupil of Van Hulsteyn at Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, 1903-'06; of Sevcik in 
Prague, 190G-'09; first diploma, Conservatory of Music, Geneva, Switzerland, 1911. 
Instructor in Wells College; in Columbia College, S. C. St. Mary's, 1913—) 

Rebecca Hill Shields Piano 

(Graduate St. Mary's, 1910; certificate in Piano, St. Mary's, 1910; certificate, Virgil 
Piano School, New York, 1912; Passifern, 1911-'13. St. Mary's, 1913—) 

Zona May Shull Voice 

(Certificate in Voice, St. Mary's, 1911; diploma, 1912; certificate in Piano, 1912. Pupil 
of Blinn Owen; pupil of Ellison Van Hoose. Assistant in St. Mary's, 1911-'12; private 
teacher, Bluefield, W. Va., 1913. St. Mary's, 1913—) 

Ebie Roberts Piano 

(English Certificate, St. Mary's, 1903. Pupil in Piano, of James P. Brawley, Blinn 
Owen; in Harmony, of John A. Simpson; in Organ, of Wade R. Brown. Private teacher. 
St. Mary's, 1913—; Organist, 1913-'14. 

Louise Seymour Piano 

(Graduate New England Conservatory, 1911-'12. St. Mary's 1914—) 

Art Department 

Clara I. Fenner, Director Drawing, Painting, Design, etc. 

(Graduate Maryland Institute School of Art and Design; special student Pratt Insti- 
tute, 1905; special Btudent in Paris, 1907. Director of Art, St. Mary's, 1892-'96; 1902—) 

Elocution Department 

Florence C. Davis, Director Elocution, Dramatic Art 

(B.O., Emerson College, Boston, 1906; Elmira College (N. Y.); Posse Gymnasium, 
Boston; private studio, Elmira; substitute teacher, Miss Meteall's School, Tarrytowrj, 
1908; teacher, Heidsville Seminary (N. C), 1909-'ll. Director of Elocution, St. Mary's 


Business Department 

Lizzie H. Lee Stenography, Typewriting and Bookkeeping 

(Director of the Department, 1896 — ) 

Juliet B. Sutton Assistant 

(St. Mary'e, 1898—) 

Household Arts Department 

Hazel A. Metcalf Domestic Science, Domestic Art 

(Associate, Lewis Institute, Chioago, 1913. St. Mary's, 1913—) 

Officers 1916-16 

Rev. George W. Lay Rector 

Miss Eleanor W. Thomas Lady Principal 

Miss Lillian Fenner Housekeeper 

(Assistant Housekeeper, St. Mary's, 1911-'13; Housekeeper, 1913 — ) 

Mrs. Edith C. Holmes Assistant Housekeeper 

(Certificate Domestic Science, St. Mary'e, 1915: Assistant Housekeeper, 1915 — ) 

Mrs. Janet L. Bottom Matron of the Infirmary 

(St. Mary's, 1916—) 

Dr. A. W. Knox School Physician 

(St. Mary's, 1907—) 

Ernest Cruikshank Secretary and Business Manager 

Miss Lizzie H. Lee Bookkeeper 

Miss Juliet B. Sutton Stenographer 

Miss Margaret H. Bottum Clerk 

(Graduate St. Mary's. 1915—) 

Mrs. Mart Iredell Agent of the Trustees 



Tomorrow, when the sun's 

First brilliant rays 

Have put to flight the lingering 

Stars of dawn, 

Our lives shall turn, and seek 

In unknown ways 

The new life, leave with sadness 

That now gone. 

Together, for the last time 
We shall hear 
The pealing of the bells 
So clear, so strong, 
Then shall we bid adieu 
To friends held dear, 
And turn aside to paths 
Now broad, now long. 

Now, the portals of tomorrow 

Stand so close 

And still within them spreads out 

Far, alone, 

What mortal man ne'er sees, 

Nor ever knows, 

The glowing, silent future, 

Vast unknown. 

Then, dawn of near tomorrow, 

Hasten on, 

And with your golden rays 

So dazzling bright, 

Oh, cast upon our separate 

Paths at dawn 

Your clear, your ever faithful 

Guiding light. 



F. R. G. 





The Class of 1916 

Colors: Green and White 

Flower: Marechal Neil Rose 

Motto: Facta non Verba 

Mary Auning Floyd, President 

Fannie Makie Stallinqs, Vice-President 
Katherine Wimberly Bourne, Prophet 
Frances Royer Geitner, Poet 

Josephine Savilla Wilson, Historian 

Class Adviser: Mr. Chuikshank 

Glass Roll 

Katherine Wimberly Bourne, Tarboro, N. C. 
Annie Sutton Cameron, Hillsboro, N. C. 

Mary Aunino Floyd, St. Stephen's, S. C. 

Selena Emma Galbraith, Waverly Mills, S. C. 
Frances Royer Geitner, Hickory, N. C. 
Rena Hoyt Harding, Washington, N. C. 

Susan Elizabeth Lamb, Henderson, N. C. 
Fannie Marie Stallings, Suffolk, Va. 

Josephine Savilla Wilson, San Louis Potosi, Mexico 
Helen Cherry Wright, Boardman, N. C. 



Mary Auning Floyd 
St. Stephens, S. C. 

Class President, '15 
Secretary, Alpha Rho, '15 
Secretary, Muse Club, '15 
Commencement Marshal, '15 
Inter-Society Debater, "15 
Class President, ' 
Chairman, M use Club, '16 

Selena Emma Galbraith 
Waverly Mills, S. C. 

And those around her from her shall 

The perfect ways of honor." 

'She is of so free, so kind, so apt, so 
blessed disposition." 


The Class of 1917 

Colors: Lavender and purple 

Motto: Aim high, but reach higher 

Flower: Violet 

Alice Cohn Latham, President 

Emma Hudgins Badham, Vice-President 
Elmtra Jenkins, Secretary 

Virginia Caroline Allen, Treasurer 

Glass Roll 

Virginia Caroline Allen, Raleigh, N. C. 
Emma Hudgins Badham, Edenton, N. C. 

Frances Horn Cheatham, Henderson, N. C. 
Janet Fairlet, Rockingham, N. C. 

Elmyra Jenkins, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 
Golda Fat Judd, Raleigh, N. C. 
Alice Cohn Latham, Plymouth, N. C. 
Eva Irene Peele, Williamston, N. C. 
Eleanor Relyea, Washington, D. C. 

Annie Huske Robinson, Toccoa, Ga. 

Nellie Cooper Rose, Henderson, N. C. 



Motto: Climb though the rocks be rugged 

Katharine Drane, President 

Elizabeth Coreitt, Vice-President 

Laura Beattt, Secretary-Treasurer 
Faculty Adviser: Mr. Stone 


The Glass of 1918 

Flower: Blackeyed Susan 

Glass Roll 

Elspeth Askew, Farmville, N. C. 
Sarah Bacon, Savannah, Ga. 

Laura Beattt, SudlersviUe, Md. 
Mart Bleaklet, Augusta, Ga. 

Sarah Borden, Goldsboro, N. C. 
Violet Brat, Tryon, N. C. 

Elizabeth Corbitt, Henderson, N. C. 
Katharine Drane, Edenton, N. C 
Elizabeth Folk, Raleigh, N. C. 

Caroline Holmes, Asheville, N. C. 

Henrietta Morgan, Pittsboro, N. C. 
Lois Puqh, Savannah, Ga. 

Lillian Riddick, West Raleigh, N. C. 
Marion Smith, Raleigh, N. C. 

Alma Spencer, Fairfield, N. C. 

Rubt Thorne, Kingstree, S. C. 

Colors: Scarlet and gray ■ Flower: Scarlet Poppy 

Motto: He who conquers, conquers himself 

Josephine Myers, President 

Estelle Ravenel, Vice-President 

Frances Hillman, Secretary-Treasurer 

Faculty Adviser: Miss Sutton 


B. Albertson 

L. Arbogast 
E. Barber 

E. Blodgett 
H. Brigham 

J. Bryan 
N. Burke 

M. Collins 

E. Davis 

J. DeLoatch 

F. Denham 
M. DePass 

E. Dorset 
L. Edwards 

K. Elliott 
G. Foster 

J. Frohne 
R. Gebert 

Glass Roll 

C. Gilmer 
M. Gold 

F. Hillman 
D. Hitchcock 

D. Holt 

C. Howard 
A. Hughes 

C. Hyatt 
A. Ivey 

M. Jerqer 
L. Jones 

M. Jones 
V. Jones 

V. Jutkins 
C. Kent 


E. Knight 
C. Mardre 

H. Mason 
N. Moye 

M. Mullins 
J. Myers 

J. Norm an 
A. Pratt 

E. Ravenel 

S. Rawlings 
M. Sugg 
J. Thomas 

F. Tillotson 
F. Waters 

H. Weakley 

S. Wood 
N. Woolford 

M. Wright 
E. Yates 

Colors: Pink and baby blue Flower: Lily of the Valley 

Motto: Not yet, but soon 

Jacque Smith, 


Lucille Anderson, 




L. Anderson 

M. Marston 

G. Merrimon 


Budd ( 
R. Bartholomew 

S. Northrop 
V. Pottle 


A. Brinley 

C. Paul 
L. Paul 


A. Copeland 
H. R. Copeland 

V. Staten 
H. Snyder 


D. Daniels 


M. Stockton 


M. Holt 

J. Smith 

M. Springs 


M. Ltnah 

F. Sears 

A. Taylor 



E. Waddell 



Epssilon Alpha Pi Literary Society 

(Founded 1900) 

Colors: Green and gold Flower: Jonquil 

Motto: Esse quam videri 


Advent Term Easier Term 

Helen Wright President Rena Harding 

Fannie Stallinqs First Vice-President Josephine Wilson 

Alice Latham Second Vice-President Helen Wright 

Rena Harding Secretary Alice Latham 

Elizabeth Corbitt Treasurer Elizabeth Corbitt 

Inter-Society Contest Winners 

Rena Hott Harding, Senior Essay Josephine S. Wilson, Story 

Commencement Marshals 

Alice Cohn Latham, Chief 
Martha Wright Elmtra Jenkins 

Honorary Members 

Dr. Lay Miss McKtmmon Miss Edith Holmes 

Miss Lee Mr. Owen Miss Margaret Bottom 


Bray, V. 
Burke, N. 
Converse, A. 
Corbitt, E. 
DePass, M. 
DeLoatch, J. 
Daniels, N. 
Edwards, L. 
Elliott, K. 
Fairley, J. 
Foster, G. 
Frohne, J. 
Galbraith, S. 
Harding, R. H. 

Holmes, C. 
Jones, M. 
Jenkins, M. 
Kirtland, M. 
Jerger, M. 
Latham, A. 
Lassiter, V. 

Lay, Ellen 
Laughinghouse, H. 
McElhannon, R. 
Merrimon, G. 
Moye, N. 
Morgan, H. 
Mullins, M. 

Norman, J. 
Pratt, A. 
Paul, C. 
Paul, L. 
Swett, D. 
Stewart, K. 
Tredwell, M. 
Stallings, F. 
Sublett, E. 
Wiley, S. 
Wilson, J. 
Woolford, N. 
Wright, M. 
Wright, H. 
Yates, E. 

Faculty Adviser: Mr. Cruikshank 


Sigma Lambda Literary Society 

(Founded 1900) 

Colors: Purple and gray Flower: Yellow Jessamine 

Motto: Lit with the sun 


Advent Term Easter Term 

Eleanor Relyea President Eleanor Relyea 

Annie Robinson Vice-President Katharine Dhane 

Emma Badham Secretary Emma Badham 

Rubie Thorn Treasurer Annie Robinson 

Katharine Drane Critic Sara Borden 

Frances Cheatham Historian Frances Cheatham 

Laura Beatty Senior Teller Dolores Holt 

Jacksonia Watt Junior Teller Ethel Yates 

Inter-Society Contest Winners 

Annie Huske Robinson, Essay Katharine Drane, Essay 

Commencement Marshals 

Sara Shellman Bacon Katharine Parker Drane 

Honorary Members 

Miss Davis 
Miss C. Fenner 

Miss L. Fenner 
Miss Glenn 

Miss Shields 
Mr. Stone 

Miss Sutton 
Miss Thomas 




Allen, V. C. 
Ahbogast, K. 
Arbogast, L. 
Askew, E. 
Bacon, S. 
Badham, E. 
Bartholomew, R. 
Beatty, L. 
Borden, S. 
Brigham, H. 
Brinley, A. 
Bryan, J. 
Blodgett, E. 
Bond, C. 
Best, M. 
Bennett, H. 
Cheatham, F. 

Davis, E. 
Denham, F. 
Dodd, N. 
Dorsey, E. 
Drane, K. 
Gebert, R. 
Gilmer, K. 

Garrioues, A. 
Holt, D. 
Holt, M. 
Hitchcock, D. 
Ivey, A. 
Jutkins, V. 
Kincaid, R. 

Marston, M. 
McLaws, L. 
Northrop, S. 
Pugh, L. 
Relyea, E. 
Register, J. 
Robinson, A. 
Stockton, M. 
Sears, F. 
Sinclair, M. 
Smith, J. 
Sugg, M. E. 
Thorne, R. 


Walker, C. 
Waters, F. 
Yates, E. 

Faculty Adviser: Miss Thomas 



! if 


Alpha liho Literary Society 

(Founded 1912) 

Colors: Garnet and gray 

Flower: Daisy 

Motto: Facta non verba 


Fhances Geitner, President 

Sue Lamb, First Vice-President 

Estelle Ravenel, Second Vice-President 
Frances Hillman, Secretary 
Nellie Rose, Treasurer 

Josephine Myers, Senior Teller 
Clara Maedre, Junior Teller 

Inter-Society Contest Winner 

Annie Sutton Cameron, Poem 

Commencement Marshals 

Nellie C. Rose Estelle Ravenel 


Albertson, B. 
Anderson, L. 
Barber, E. 
Bourne, K. 
Braxton, S. 
Budd, A. 
Cameron, A. 
Carter, R. 
Collins, M. 
Copeland, H. A. 


Culver, D. 
Dixon, R. 

English, M. 
Floyd, M. 
Freeman, A. M. 

Geitner, F. 
Gold, M. 
Henry, D. 
Hillman, F. 
Holladay, M. 
Howard, C. 
Hughes, A. 
Hyatt, C. 

Jones, C. 
Jones, L. 
Jones, V. 
Kent, C. 
Knight, E. 
Lamb, S. 
Mardre, C. 
Mason, H. 

Myers, J. 
Peele, E. 
Pottle, V. 
Ravenel, E. 
Rawlings, S. 
Rose, N. 
Snyder, H. 
Springs, M. 
Stewart, K. 
Taylor, A. 
Thomas, J. 
Waddell, E. 
Wood, S. 
Wall, R. 
Williams, R. 
Williams, V. 
Weakley, H. 

Faculty Adviser: Miss Bottom 


The Inter-Society Debates 

Since the organization of the Literary Societies the special feature 
of their work each year has been the Inter-Society Debates, held an- 
nually each spring. In the twelve years ending with 1912-'13, the 
Sigma Lambda Society was victorious in eight of these joint debates, 
and the Epsilon Alpha Pi Society in four debates. 

With the organization of the Alpha Rho Society in 1912 the 
Joint Debate gave place to a series of three debates, each society 
debating the other two. In 1914, Alpha Rho triumphed in both 
debates, and Epsilon Alpha Pi defeated Sigma Lambda. In 1915, 
Epsilon Alpha Pi won both debates and Sigma Lambda defeated 
Alpha Rho. 

In this — the Shakespearian year — the debates were omitted in 
favor of a Celebration of the Shakespearian Tercentenary, and, in 
cooperation with the English Department, all under the general direc- 
tion of Miss Thomas, the Societies gave their best efforts to the 
Shakespearian Inter-society Contest on April 10th, and the Shakespear- 
ian Festival on May 1st. 

In the Contest, the Sigma Lambda Society was pronounced the 
winner. There were thirty-two papers submitted, about evenly di- 
vided among the three Societies. The individual winners were: 

(1) Best Poem: Annie S. Cameron, '16, Alpha Rho 

(2) Best Story: Josephine S. Wilson, '16, Epsilon Alpha Pi 

(3) Senior Essay: Rena H. Harding, '16, EpBilon Alpha Pi 

(4) Junior Essay: Annie Huske Robinson, '17, Sigma Lambda 

(5) Sophomore Essay: Katherine Drane, '17, Sigma Lambda 







Annie S. Cameron, '16 

Alpha Rho 


Rena H. Harding, '16 
Epsilon Alpha Pi 

Josephine S. Wilson, ' 16 

Epsilon Alpha Pi 


m S3 a. 


Annie H. Robinson, '17 
Sigma Lambda 

Junior Essay 

Katharine Drane, '18 

Sigma Lambda 

Sophomore Essay 

Winners of the Shakespearian Contest 

Besides the Faculty Production of "Alice in Wonderland," which, 
of course, marks any year as "set apart," the Shakespearian Tercen- 
tenary Celebration is the great distinctive feature of the year. It was 
with a certain sense of relief that for this one season the debates were 
laid aside and every one entered wholeheartedly into the preparation 
for the celebration. This was divided into three parts. First, there 
was a Shakespearian literary contest under the direction of the three 
Literary Societies meant to conserve the spirit of rivalry engendered 
by the Debates. The culmination of this Contest was a public inter- 
society meeting held in the Auditorium on the evening of April 10th, 
and at this meeting were read the winning contributions. In this 
contest Alpha Rho led in the poetry, having the four best poems; Ep- 
silon Alpha Pi came out as first winner in a story and one essay; and 
Sigma Lambda was winner of two essays and second in a story and 
essay, thus proving herself the victor. 

The second part of the Celebration was the Tercentenary Festival 
itself, which was held under the direction of Miss Thomas and the 
three Literary Societies, and was considered by many people to be by 
far the prettiest thing ever given at St. Mary's. The Festival was 
held in the Grove on the slope back of the Auditorium on the night of 
May 1st and was a most wonderful success. Every one in the School 
took part, dressed in Elizabethan costume, and the merry gathering 
of Lords, Ladies, and gaily-dressed villagers made a bright scene not 
soon to be forgotten. 

The third part of the celebration was the Commencement Play, 
"As You Like It," given by the Dramatic Club under the direction 
of Miss Davis. 

The girls of 1916 feel that it has been a privilege to be able to have 
a part in the great Tercentenary Celebration, which is this year being 
observed throughout England and America, and the many festivities 
centering around its observance at St. Mary's mark a very bright 
spot in the memories of the year. 

A. S. C. 


The Shakespeare Tercentenary 

Annie S. Cameron, '16. 

What a hurrying and a scurrying 

And a running 'round is seen, 

What a scrambling into smocks and cloaks, 

What a donning Lincoln green ; 

In all this wild confusion, if the people don't look out 

"A Comedy of Errors" it will prove without a doubt. 

See the madcap throng approaches, 
At the head a motley fool 
With his parti-colored trappings, 
Bells and bauble, all to rule. 
You may take it "As You Like It," 
But this frolic seems to be 
The very spirit of old England 
On a May Day holiday. 

Now the trumpets flare and flourish, 
And "The Tempest" of wild sound 
Shakes the crowd with merry laughter, 
And they reel in dances round, 
And the "Merry Wives" and yeomen, 
Country lad and lass, with glee, 
Join together in the dances, 
In the songs and minstrelsy. 

But a sudden hush has settled, 

The great dignitaries near 

Here approach "Two Noble Kinsmen," 

The most important, it is clear, 

For the people bow before them 

And the trumpets blare once more, 

And 'twould be "Love's Labor Lost" to try 

To speak above that roar. 


When the uproar has Bubsided 
And a slight hush come again, 
The players are presented — 
They are just hard-handed men — 
But in "Pyramus and Thisbe" 
They excel themselves, 'tis true, 
Are applauded by the people and 
The dignitaries too. 

Then "Measure for Measure" reels the dance, 

And the merry dancers seem 

Hardly real or existing, 

But a bright "Midsummer's Dream," 

Or, like an old tradition 

Which is heard throughout the land, 

Like a "Winter's Tale" of May Day 

As it's kept in Fairyland. 

Now, no doubt you really wonder 
At the cause of all these dreams, 
"Much Ado About Nothing" 
Perhaps to you it seems. 
But we're gathered here to honor 
Great Will Shakespeare; for the rest 
If "All's Well That Ends Well" 
It has been a great success. 

(One of the winning poems in the Shakespearian ConteBt of April 10, 1916) 



N — i 

Saint Mary's School Library 

The Junior Auxiliary 

Miss McKimmon, General Directress 

St. Margaret's Chapter St. Agnes' Chapter 

(West Wing) (East Wing) 

Miss Urquhart Directress Miss Glen 

Eleanor Reltea President Katharine Drane 

Violet Bray Secretary Nellie Rose 

Virginia Allen Treasurer Frances Cheatham 

St. Catherine's Chapter 

(Senior Hall) 

Miss Thomas Directress Miss Shull 

Fannie Stallings President Josephine Myers 

Rena Harding Secretary Deborah Hitchcock 

Susan Lamb Treasurer Ellen Lay 

St. Anne's Chapter 

(Main Building) 

Miss Shields Directress Miss McKimmon 

Alice Latham President Mildred Collins 

Frances Hillman Secretary Bertha Albebtson 

Catherine Gilmer Treasurer Agnes Pratt 

Miss Sutton Directress 

Ethel Yates President 

Mary English Vice-President 

Allene Taylor Secretary 

Eva Peele Treasurer 

The Woman's Auxiliary 

Mrs. Lay President 

Misa Sutton Vice-President 

Miss Thomas Treasurer 

Miss McKimmon Secretary 


Sigma Athletic Association 

Colors: Red and white 

Anne Robinson, President 

Elizabeth Corbitt, Vice-President 

Emma Badham, Secretary-Treasurer 

Nancy Woolfoed, Basketball Captain 
Violet Brat, Tennis Captain 


B. Albertbon 

V. Allen 
K. Alston 

L. Arbogast 
E. Badham 

E. Baker 
K. Baker 

E. Barber 
R. Bartholomew 

V. Bray 
A. Cameron 

I. Cobb 
A. Converse 

E. Corbitt 
E. Cross 

N. Daniels 
J. DeLoatch 

F. Denham 
M. DePass 

E. Dorse y 

G. Foster 

J. Frohne 
R. Gebert 

G. Gentry 
R. Harding 


M. Hoke 

C. Howard 
A. Hughes 

C. Hyatt 
A. Ivey 

E. Jenkins 
L. Jensen 

M. Jerger 
C. Johnson 

V. Jones 
R. Kincaid 

M. Kirtland 
V. Lassiter 

H. Laugbinqhouse 

M. Holt 
L. Lay 

M. Lynah 

C. Mardre 
E. Marr 

M. Marston 
H. Mason 

G. Merrimon 
N. Moye 


J. Myers 

R. McElhannon 
E. Peele 

L. Pugh 
E. Ravenel 

J. Register 
E. Relyea 

R. E. Robbins 
A. Robinson 

V. Royster 

F. Sears 

M. Sinclair 
H. Snyder 

M. Springs 
F. Stallings 

C. Stewart 
K. Stewart 

M. Sugg 
A. Taylor 

L. Thomas 
F. Tillotson 

E. Tucker 
E. Waddell 

H. Weakley 
A. White 

S. Wiley 


E. Yates 
Eulalie Yates 



Mu Athletic Association 

Colors: Dark blue and white 

Anne Brinlet President 

Josephine Wilson Vice-President 

Alice Latham Secretary-Treasurer 

Master Ernest Cruikshank, Jr., Mascot 


L. Anderson 

K. Arbogast 
E. Askew 

S. Bacon 
H. Barber 

L. Beattt 
H. Bennett 

M. Best 

E. Blodoett 
C. Bond 

S. Borden 

K. Bourne 
S. Braxton 

H. Brigham 
J. Bryan 

A. Budd 
N. Burke 

S. Cameron 

F. Cheatham 
M. Collins 


H. A. Copeland 

H. R. Copeland 
R. Dixon 

M. Dougherty 
K. Drane 

L. Edwards 
K. Elliott 

J. Ellington 
J. Fairley 

M. Floyd 
B. Folk 

S. Galbraith 
F. Geitner 

K. Gilmer 
M. Gold 

M. Grimes 
R. Hill 

D. Hitchcock 
C Holmes 

D. Holt 

C. Jones 

L. Jones 
M. Jones 

V. Jutkins 
C. Kent 

E. Knight 
S. Lamb 

A. Latham 
A. Lay 

E. A. Lay 
E. B. Lay 

H. Morgan 
M. Morgan 

M. McLaughlin 
L. McLaws 

J. Norman 
S. Northrop 

C. Paul 
L. Paul 

A. Pratt 

M. Raney 

S. Rawllngs 
C. Rosenthal 

N. Rose 
L. Shepherd 

J. Smith 
V. Staten 

M. Stockton 
E. Sublett 

D. Swett 
J. Thomas 

R. Thorne 
A. C. Timberlake 

M. Tredwell 
R. Wall 

F. Waters 
V. Williams 

J. Wilson 
M. Wilson 

E. Woolcott 

S. Wood 










Granddaughters and Great-granddaughters 
of St. Mary's 

Motto: Lest we forget 

Colors: Light blue and white 
Flower: Pansy 

Song: Auld Lang Syne 

President Katharine Wimberly Bourne 

Secretary-Treasurer Emma Hudgins Badham 

Sara Shellman Bacon, Savannah, Ga. 

d. of Sallie Shellman, of Savannah 
gd. of Sarah Bennett, of Savannah 
Emma Hudgins Badham, Edenton 

d. of Lucy Bond, of Edenton 
Elizabeth Baker, Raleigh 
Katharine Baker, Raleigh 

ds. of Katharine Haywood, of Raleigh 
gds. of Mary Boylan, of Raleigh 
ggds. of Mary Kinsey, of Raleigh 
Sarah Elizabeth Borden, Goldsboro 

gd. of Georgia Whitfield, of Goldsboro 
Katharine Wimberlt Bourne, Tarboro 
d. of Maria Clark, of Tarboro 






Adelaide Botlston, Raleigh 

d. of Adelaide Snow, of Raleigh 
gd. of Betsy Boylan, Raleigh 
ggd. of Mary Kinsey, of Raleigh 
Frances Cheatham, Henderson 

d. of Cornelia Alston, Warren County 
Katharine Chews, Raleigh 

d. of Katharine Sutton, Raleigh 
Janet Fairley, Rockingham 

d. of Sallie Shaw, of Rockingham 
Mary Fetter, Raleigh 

gd. of Mary Wright, Edenton 
Elizabeth McMorine Folk, Raleigh 

gd. of Martha Martin, of Edenton 
ggd. of Elizabeth McMorine, of Edenton 
Mary Hoke, Raleigh 

gd. Catherine Alexander, Lincolnton 
Mamie DeRossett Holt, Fayetteville 

gd. Elizabeth Nash, of Hillsboro 
Adeline Edmonds Hughes, Henderson 
gd. of Alice Swann 
ggd. of Penelope Wiley 
Isabelle Hay Jones, Raleigh 

d. Mary Seaton Hay, of Raleigh 
gd. of Minnie Branch, of Raleigh 
Constance Kent, Petersburg, Va. 

gd. of Constance Williams, of Society Hill, S. 
Mary Strange Morgan, Raleigh 

gd. Marguerite Tucker Butt, of Hertford 
Sylbert Pendleton, Raleigh 

d. of Elizabeth Busbee, of Raleigh 
gd. of Sallie Smith, of Scotland Neck 
Margaret Raney, Raleigh 

d. of Kate Denson, of Raleigh 
gd. of Matilda Cowan, of Wilmington 
Lillias Shepherd, Raleigh 

d. of Lilla May Vass, of Raleigh 
Margaret Elizabeth Springs, Waverly Mills, S. C. 

gd. of Elizabeth Morris, Wilmington 
Allene Hargrove Taylor, Townsville 
gd. of Mary Grice, Washington 
Josephine Macon Thomas, Waynesville 

d. of Josephine Smith, of Raleigh 
Agnes Cotten Timberlake, Raleigh 

d. of Agnes Cotten, of Cottendale 
Rebecca Wall, Hillsboro 

d. of Annie Collins, of Hillsboro 
Mary Wilson, Raleigh 

d. Mary Turner, of Raleigh 
gd. of Love Root, of Raleigh 
Sara Louise Wood, Edenton 

d. of Elizabeth Badham, of Edenton 
Elizabeth Woolcott, Raleigh 

d. of Maud Young, of Raleigh 



The Muse Club 

Mary Auning Floyd, '16 Chairman 

Annie Sutton Cameron, '16 Editor-in-Chiej 

Katharine Wimberly Bourne, '16 ) B«««»« Marwaers 

Fannie Marie Stallinqs, '16 \ business Managers 

Alice Cohn Latham, '17 Secretary 

Virginia Allen, '17 Selena Galbraith, '16 Annie Robinson, '17 

Emma Badham, '17 Frances Geitner, '16 Nellie Rose, '17 

Violet Bray Rena Harding, '16 Rubie Thorn, '17 

Sarah Borden Elmyra Jenkins, '17 Frances Tillotson 

Frances Cheatham, '17 Susan Lamb, '16 Josephine Wilson 

Elizabeth Cokbitt Eva Peele, '17 Helen Wright, '16 

Katharine Drane, '18 Lois Pugh Martha Wright 

Eleanor Relyea, '17 
Miss Frances Bottom Miss Zona Shull 
Miss Rebe Shields Miss Margaret Bottom 

Miss Elizabeth Lay 

Mr. Cruikseank, Director 

: ^<u^^ 

Commencement, 1915 

Courtney Crowther as the Duke of Ephesus; Josephine Wilson as Mgon; Adele 
Stigler and Anne Brinley as the two Antipholuses; Robena Carter and ^'irt Jordan 
as the two Dromios; Matilda Hancock as Angelo; Lois Pugh and Eliza Davis i 
the Merchants; Lanie Hales as Pinch; Ruby Bartholomew as Aemilia; Elizabeth 
Carrison as Adriana; and Adelyn Barbee as Luciana. 

„v, i 








The Dramatic Club 

Josephine Wilson, President 

Frances Tillotson, Secretary-Treasurer 

Frances Geitner, Business Manager 

L. Anderson 

F. Geitner 

R. Bartholomew 

D. Holt 

K. Stewart 

M. Best 

A. Hughes 

A. Brinley 

V. Jutkins 

J. Bryan 

A. Latham 

R. Thorn 

R. Carter 

G. Merrimon 

A. Converse 

R. McElhannon 

E. Corbitt 

J. Norman 

J. Wilson 

R. Dixon 

A. Pratt 

J. Frohne 

E. Yates 










The Chorus 

Mr. R. Blinn Owen, Director 

Miss Roberts, 




Lay, E. B. 

Smith, J. 




Stewart, C. 




Thomas, J. 










Holt, D. 




Holt, M. 

Paul, C. 





Williams, V 




Wright, H. 




Wright, M. 
















C. Allen 

K. Bourne 



E. Davis 



G. Poster 



The Kodak Club 

Katharine Bourne, President 

Caroline Holmes, Secretary-Treasurer 

Motto: "Things as they are.' 

M. Gold 

F. Hillman 
C. Holmes 

D. Holt 

E. Jenkins 




M. Klrtland 

N. Mote 
M. Sinclair 

C. Stewart 
M. Tredwell 

H. Weakley 
H. Wright 






A vague, haunting sadness broods over the earth; 

The forest's green banners are furled 
And the blue haze of Autumn like incense of prayer 

Hangs over the golden world. 

A spirit of quiet and rest is abroad, 

And wild-throbbing nature lieB still, 
For peace rests over the russet field 

And over the purple hill. 

Dim memories are stirred by these golden days, 

Vague longings, and wistful regret, 
For the eve of the year, with its gentle appeal, 

Stirs man's soul, that he may not forget. 

A. S. C, '16 

A Summer Night 

The fire-fly flits through the gloaming, 

And his wee shining spark is alight. 
The wind murmurs low in the hollows, 

Crooning wild, tender songs of the night. 

The stars, tiny lamplets, are twinkling; 

The radiant moon is abeam, 
And meadow and fen-land are shimmering, 

In her pale, misty light all agleam. 

The meadows, dew-drenched, breathe forth perfume, 

And afar o'er hollow and hill, 
Wind blown through the dim, misty silence, 

Comes the cry of the lone whippoorwill. 

O'er all things a sweet stillness broodeth, 

The world is asleep and adream, 
While afar in the wide peaceful heavens, 

The moon and the bright starlets beam. 

A. S. C, '16 


Annie Cameron, President 

Frances Cheatham, Secretary-Treasurer 

Katharine Bourne, Tarboro 

Elizabeth Corbitt, Henderson 
Frances Cheatham, Henderson 

Annie Cameron, Hillsboro 
Elizabeth Dorset, Henderson 

Aline Hughes, Henderson 
Eliza Knight, Tarboro 

Margaret Gold, Greensboro 
Elmyra Jenkins, Roanoke Rapids 

Valette Jones, High Point 

Mattte Sinclair, Rockingham 

Gertrude Merreuon, Greensboro 

Henrietta Morgan, Pittsboro 
Agnes Pratt, Madison 

Janet Fairley, Rockingham 
Alltne Taylor, Townsville 

Catherine Gilmer, Charlotte 
Virginia Staten, Charlotte 

Sarah Wiley, Southern Pines 
Frances Sears, Raleigh 

Elizabeth Waddell, Manchester 

State Clubs 



East Carolina Club 

Rena Harding President 

Emma Badham Secretary 

Alice Latham Treasurer 

Lucile Anderson, Wilson Clara Mardre, Windsor 

Elspeth Askew, Farmville Margaret Marston, Kinston 

Emma Badham, Edenton Helen Mason, Kinston 

Sadie Braxton, Kinston Novella Mote, Greenville 

Hattie A. Copeland, Kinston Sue Northrop, Wilmington 

Hattie R. Copeland, Kinston Jane Norman, Halifax 

Nettie Daniels, New Bern Clara Paul, Washington 

Roberta Dixon Ayden Lola Paul, Grantsboro 

Katharine Drane, Edenton Eva Peele, Williamston 

Katharine Elliott, Wilmington Sara Rawlings, Wilson 

Kena Hoyt Harding, Washington Jacque Smith, Wilson 

Mamie Holt Fayetteville Katharine Stewart, New Bern 

Dolores Holt, Wilmington Minnie E, Sugg, Greenville 

Charlotte Howard, New Bern Virginia Williams, Wilson 

Alice Latham, Plymouth Sara Wood, Edenton 

Helen Laughinqhouse, Greenville Helen Wright, Boardman 

Martha Wright, Boardman 





The Gall 

A call to me comes in the evening wind 

From mountain and hill and plain, 

'Neath the tinted skies 

Where the red sun dies, 

And the Btars creep forth again. 

Down through the ages of by-gone days 
Unto the years to be, 
It is ringing still 
Over vale, and hill, 
Over the world to me. 

And my heart leaps up with an answering cry 
Born of this call of old, 
And with wild desire 
My heart is on fire, 
Under the skies of gold. 

Oh, for a voice to carry it on, 

To send it forth again, 

In words of flame 

This message that came, 

Over the world to men. 

To see and be silent! Hear and be dumb! 
Barren of words and weak! 
Yet to know and to feel 
Life's throbbing appeal — 
Ah, but for a voice to speak! 

A. S. C, '16 





The Calendar, 1915-16 


16, Wednesday 


18, Saturday: 


25, Saturday: 


2, Saturday: 


5, Tuesday: 


7, Thursday: 


8, Friday: 


9, Saturday: 


11, Monday: 


14, Thursday: 


16, Monday: 




20, Wednesday 


23, Saturday: 

Seventy-fourth opening of the School 

Reception to the New Girls. Parlor. 7:30 

Sigma Lambda Reception. Parlor. 8:30 

Dr. and Mrs. Lay's Reception to the Faculty 

Athletic Party. Gymnasium 

E. A. P. Reception. Muse Room. 8:00 

Inter-Society Meeting. Parlor. 7:30 

"Thursday Talk." Miss Thomas 

Knox-Emerson Concert. City Auditorium 

Alpha Rho Reception. Muse Room. 8 :00 

Faculty Recital. Auditorium. 8:30 

"Thursday Talk." Mrs. W. J. Jones of Salemburg 

First Peace-St. Mary's Concert. Frances Ingram. 

Auditorium. 8 :30 
State Fair 

Gilmer-Sorrentino Concert. City Auditorium 
Annual Track Meet 

October 24, Saturday: 

October 28, Thursday: 

October 30, Saturday 

October 31, Sunday: 

November 1, Monday: 

November 2, Tuesday: 

November 4, Thursday: 

November 5, Friday: 

November 6, Saturday: 

November 8, Monday: 

November 11, Thursday: 

November 13, Saturday: 

November 15, Monday: 
November 20, Saturday: 

22, Monday: 

23, Tuesday: 

26, Thursday: 

28, Sunday: 
29-December 5: 

30, Monday: 
6, Monday: 

11, Saturday: 


13, Monday: 
16, Thursday: 

4, Tuesday 
19, Wednesday 
22, Thursday 

24, Monday 

27, Thursday: 

29, Saturday 

31, Monday 

5, Saturday: 




Hallowe'en Party to the Muse Club. Muse Room 

"Thursday Talk." Miss Dowd 

Hallowe'en Party 

Founders' Day Celebration 

All Saint's Day 

First Basketball Game 

Alumnae Meeting 

"Thursday Talk." Dr. Brewer of Meredith 

Miss Thomas Entertains the Juniors 

Miss Thomas Entertains the Seniors 

The Carnival 

Junior Basketball Game 

"Thursday Talk." Dr. Lay 

Alfred Noyes. At Meredith College 

" The Birth of a Nation. " Academy 

Mrs. and Miss Lay Entertain the Seniors at the 
Rectory. 8:15 

Faculty Recital. Auditorium. 8:15 

Senior-Sophomore Party. Muse Room. 8:00 

Junior-Freshman Party. Parlor. 8:00 

Mr. Stone Entertains the Seniors 

Basketball Game 

Inter-Society Meeting. Parlor. 7:30 

Teachers' Assembly 

Thanksgiving Day 

Miss TiUinghast's Talk 

Preaching Mission. Rev. Mr. Barber 

Junior Basketball Game 

Second Sigma-Mu Game 

University N. C. Dramatic Club. Auditorium. 8:30 

Dramatic Club Play. "Green Stockings." Audi- 
torium. 8:30 

Muse Party. Muse Room. 8:00 

Private Expression Pupils' Christmas Entertainment 

Christmas Tree. "Alice in Wonderland" 

School began after the holidays 
Lee's Birthday; Inter-society Meeting. 
"Thursday Talk. 

Farrar Concert. 
"Thursday Talk. 
Peace-St. Mary's Concert. 

Freshman Party to the Juniors 
Sophomore Party to the Seniors 




12, Saturday 


19, Saturday: 


26, Saturday: 


4, Saturday: 


6, Monday: 


8, Wednesday 


16, Tuesday: 


23, Thursday: 


30, Thursday: 


6, Thursday: 


9, Sunday: 


10, Monday: 


16, Sunday: 


23, Sunday: 


24, Monday: 


27, Thursday: 


29, Saturday: 


1, Monday: 


2, Tuesday: 


3, Wednesday 


6, Saturday: 


8, Monday: 


11, Monday: 


12, Friday: 


13, Saturday: 


20, Saturday: 


21, Sunday: 


22, Monday: 

23, Tuesday: 

Valentine Party. Parlor. 8:00-9:00 

Colonial Ball. Parlor. 8:00-9:00 

Parlor Entertainment 

Chapel Hill Glee Club. Auditorium. 8:00 

Miss Abbott's Recital. Auditorium. 8:00 

Ash Wednesday. Lenten Quiet begins 

Trustees Meeting 

Organ Pupils Recital. Chapel. 5:30 

Certificate Recital. Martha Wright. Piano, 

Certificate Recital. Helen Wright. Organ. Chapel 

Passion Sunday. Bishop's visitation for Confirma- 
tion. 5:00 

Inter-Society Shakespearean Contest. Auditorium. 

Palm Sunday 

Easter Day 

Easter Egg Hunt. 7:00 

Certificate Recital. Jane Norman. Elocution. Aud- 
itorium. 8:30 

Fourth Annual Junior-Senior Banquet. Muse Room. 

Shakespearian Festival 

St. Cecelia Concert. Auditorium. 8:30 

Certificate Recital. Martha Wright. Voice 

Fifth Annual School Party. Parlor. 8:15 

Diploma Recital. Mary Floyd. Piano. Auditor- 
ium. 8:30 

Certificate Recital. Lois Pugh. Elocution. Audi- 
torium. 8:30 

Alumnae Day. Seventy-Fourth Anniversary 

Annual Recital of Chorus. 8:15 

Annual Recital of the Elocution Department. "As 
You Like It." Auditorium. 8:15 

Commencement Sermon. Rev. Mercer P. Logan, 
D.D., Rector of St. Paul's Church, Charles- 
ton, S. C. Chapel. 11:00 

Alumnae Service. Chapel. 5 :00 

Class Day Exercises. Grove. 11:00 

Annual Exhibit of the Art Department. Studio. 3 :00 

Annual Alumnae Meeting. Parlor. 4:30 

Annual Concert. Auditorium. 8 :30 

Rector's Reception. Parlor. 9 :30 

Graduating Exercises. Auditorium. 11:00 

Annual Address. Mr. James H. Dillard, 

Closing Exercises. Chapel. 


"And then to breakfast with what appetite you have — " — 7:30 a. m. 

"For my own part, it was Greek to me." — N . Philosophy. 

"If you have tears, prepare to shed them now." — The Last Day. 

"The weakest goes to the wall." — The Mail Line. 

"A beggarly account of empty boxes." — The Post Office. 

"Eyes, look your last! Arms, take your last embrace!" — The Last Day. 

"O wearisome condition of humanity." — Study Hall. 

"Get money; still get money, boy; no matter by what means." — Collectors. 

"The Slough of Despond." — Restriction. 

" — moved slowly through the mind 
By day, and were a trouble to my dreams. " — Examinations. 

"Thus sung, or would, or could, or should have sung." — The Choir. 

"It has a strange, quick jar upon the ear." — The Rising Bell. 

"A greater power than we can contradict 
Hath thwarted our intents." — The Restricted. 

"Her whose worth makes other worthies nothing. 
She is alone. " — Miss Thomas. 

"Who steals my purse steals trash." — Monday Nights. 

"What fates impose, that men must needs abide." — Units. 

"I like your silence, it the more shows off 
Your wonder." — Miss Thomas. 

"Pleasure and action make the hours seem short." — Mondays. 

"He sits high in all the people's hearts." — Afr. Cruikshank. 

"The clock upbraids me with the waste of time." — Senior Hall. 

"O how full of briers is this workaday worldl" — Tuesdays.